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Bedi is a passionate and seasoned public speaker, dedicated to creating a more inclusive future of work. With over 10 years of experience in Human Resource management within Banking, Law, and the Victorian Public Sector, her expertise spans talent management, diversity and inclusion, HR advisory, consulting, and project management. Currently serving as Acting Head of Corporate Services for the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, Bedi brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to identifying diversity, equity, and inclusion gaps within workplaces.


As a South Sudanese Australian migrant who has overcome employment barriers, Bedi is a fervent advocate for diversity and inclusion. In 2020, she co-founded DivTal, a startup aimed at improving employment opportunities and creating culturally safe and inclusive work environments for underrepresented minority backgrounds. Bedi's involvement in numerous diversity and inclusion committees reflects her commitment to providing people from marginalized groups with the right opportunities, culturally safe environments, and inclusive leadership to thrive and fulfill their potential.


With a Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University and currently pursuing a Masters of Human Resource Management at Monash University, Bedi combines her lived experience as a South Sudanese Australian migrant woman with her professional expertise to address diversity, equity, and inclusion gaps and biases within workplaces. Her innovative online job platform, DivTal, has gained recognition in key publisher platforms such as Smart Company and Tapod for its ability to connect employers with job candidates from underrepresented minority backgrounds and navigate complex recruitment barriers.


As an influential thought leader in the equity, diversity, and inclusion space, Bedi is frequently sought after for her unique perspective and passion. She has appeared on various panels and publisher platforms, including the Australasian Talent Conference Innovation Lab Pitch (where DivTal was a runner-up), as a key guest speaker on Diversity at the Australasian Talent Conference, and StartSpace - Future founders festival. In addition to her professional pursuits, Bedi is also a curve fashion model who actively works towards creating a more diverse and inclusive fashion industry, both in front and behind the scenes