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Stefania Ferrario is an Australian Model, Creator and Activist based in Melbourne Australia. Stefania gained notoriety through various efforts to raise awareness on subjects including body positivity, animal cruelty, and veganism. As stated by NEW.COM, “She’s a top model with beauty, brains and isn’t afraid to push boundaries”. Shaving her head in 2012, Stefania set out to prove that bald is beautiful and to raise funds and awareness for cancer, alopecia and trichotillomania. Since then, Stefania has pioneered movements like ‘drop the plus’ in an attempt to shift traditional ‘beauty’ standards. Further to this, she has marched through the city of Melbourne against animal cruelty, in support of her vegan efforts. Her gorgeous curves and confidence have graced covers and catwalks around the world. Labelled a ‘National Treasure’ by Dita VonTeese, Ferrario is a force to be reconned with and a true ambassador for self-love. Some of her notable campaigns include Sportsgirl, Myer Beauty, Berlei and Melbourne Fashion Week.