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Dami Im is a Korean Australian singer-songwriter and musician, known for her powerful vocals, virtuosic piano skills, and dynamic stage presence. Throughout her career, she has released several albums and singles such as ‘Super Love’, ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Sound of Silence’ that have charted and earned critical acclaim.

Her most recent release is her new single ‘Collide’ which is a powerful piano ballad co-written with Tom Eggert and produced by Andy Mak.

‘Collide is about life transitions. It’s about grieving the roads not taken and embracing the one that you’ve chosen. I started working on Collide with my cowriter Tom Eggert while I was pregnant. I wanted to write about losing my identity and heading into a new season of life.’

‘Initially the song was written just on the piano, but with Andy Mak coming on board to producing the track, it took a lot of experimenting to land on a production that had enough power and angst while preserving the raw fragility’.

In 2021 Dami released her fifth studio album "MY REALITY" making a significant step forward in her artistic evolution as she continues to experiment with new sounds and styles with songs including ‘Pray’ and ‘Lonely Cactus’.

Dami has toured extensively throughout Australia and performed at prestigious stages around the world, showcasing her incredible stage presence and her ability to connect with her audience. Notably, in 2016 Dami became Eurovision royalty as she represented Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest where she placed second with her powerful performance of the song "Sound of Silence".

Outside of music, Dami released her memoir "Dreamer" in 2022. The book chronicles her journey from a young girl in South Korea to becoming one of Australia's most beloved and successful musicians.